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Suggestion: Go to next question automatically after answering in timed practice(show wrong answers in the end)

The general idea is to click enter once to proceed to the next question in the practice. This would allow users to proceed in the timed practice without reviewing a question.

The overall results or wrong answers would then be shown only at the end. This could be optional with a checkbox to see results only at the end or during the question.

The fact is most users who can beat the timer probably don't look at the answer anyway, so this would make it more fun, and decrease frustration.

September 19, 2013



Great idea, that would give you a few extra seconds, which would be great.

[deactivated user]

    Being able to see the wrong answers at the end would be very useful. At the moment, I find the timed practice not very effective in terms of strengthening language skills, because you don't time to absorb the information well. Another thing I've noticed is that new vocabulary and phrases are presented in the timed practice, which have not been previously introduced in the lessons. Therefore, it would be very a good idea to show the maybe all of the questions at the end so that we can practice/take notes.

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