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  5. "Akşam yemeği saat kaçta?"

"Akşam yemeği saat kaçta?"

Translation:What time is the dinner?

May 2, 2015



why not 'what is the dinner time?'


That means, "akşam yemeği zamanı ne?"


In English, "dinnertime" usually refers to something that happens every day. For instance, at the old folks' home, dinnertime begins at half past four. If I want to know what time we're going to have dinner, I would ask, "What time is dinner?" or "When is dinner?" If I ask, "What time is the dinner?" I'm asking about a special event. If the highlight of a convention is a dinner, you might ask, "What time is the dinner?"


"Akşam yemeği saat kaçta?" Translation: What time is the dinner? Correct English answer if you are going out.

My correct answer: What time is dinner?

Cosy meal by myself at home reading Turkish grammar books & revising Duo topic questions? Such is the boring life or not of being single. I have to ask myself & is talking to yourself the first sign of madness? OK, I'll play a Stevie Nicks album. Eat my dinner. Open a bottle of red wine & read my Turkish grammar book. Pure bliss.

Changed my mind? Sezen Aksu - Kardelen album being played. Wow she (her music) motivates me to learn Turkish.


zaman mean time?


it does. but "ne zaman" is not a good translation of "what time". when we say "ne zaman" we are not asking about the exact time (hour min etc) it is more general you can say next week, in March, tomorrow etc So it is "WHEN" in English

"saat kaçta" is for asking the exact time -at what hour literally- so its translation is "what time"


So then shouldn't "at what hour is dinner" also be a correct answer?


'What time' is used in English instead.


"What time" or "AT what time"?


Both is accepted but 'at what time' is formal as far as I know.


Can anyone explain the word order of 'saat kaçta'? I would expect 'kaç saatta'. Or is it just one of those illogical things any language has?


'Saat kaçta' literally means 'at which hour' and kaç saatta' is 'in how many hours'. I'll give an example to indicate the difference.

Eve saat kaçta gelirsin? : What time will/are you going to/do you come home? (At six: Saat altıda.)(point)

Eve kaç saatte gelirsin?: How many hours does it take to come home? (1 hour: 1 saatte.)(period)

NOTE: It is 'saatte' and not 'saatta', this is one of the words which doesn't follow vowel harmony.

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"when is dinner time"
is that different from the proposed answer?


As said, is redundant because "when" already refers to time. Simply say "When's dinner?" All of this talk about dinner time is very formal. "What time is dinner" is for people who have schedules or other time commitments. Otherwise: Mom when's dinner? I'm hungry!


This exercise isn't about making a translation that sounds the most natural in English. It's about making one that is as close to literal as possible while still being correct in English. We are learning here that "saat kaçta" does not translate literally as "when" but as "(at) what time."

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