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  5. "Dayım babamın kardeşi değil."

"Dayım babamın kardeşi değil."

Translation:My uncle is not my father's brother.

May 2, 2015



could you extend the sentence like this: Dayım babamın kardeşi değil ama o annemin kardeşi. Is that correct?


You could although it'd be a redundant extension. Since dayı means maternal uncle, it's already obvious that he'll be your mother's brother and not your father's.


what is father's brother?
does that fall to babamın kardeşini or is it kardeşi... bana hala belli olması

but your 3rd person possessive explanation further down was helpful thank you very much!


Hi! I entered 'My uncle is not my father's sibling'. It showed incorrect, but it should be accepted right?


I get the suffix for dayim and babamin, but still can't get the i in kardesi. What's that for again?


Kardeşi is in third person possessive.

Kardeşim - my sibling

kardeşin - your sibling

Kardeşi - his/her/its sibling


Thanks. Gave been re-reading the notes and other stuff on geniti pad, and I'm now not certain why it is babamin after all :) is it baba - m(to make it my father) -in(to make it of, my father). So it's a king of double possessive?


Baba - father

Babam - my father

Babamın - my father's / of my father

So yes, it is a double possessive. :)


apparently i cannot answer...my father is not my uncles sibling....??? it is the same meaning as the sentence.

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