"Do you accept a drink?"

Translation:Você aceita uma bebida?

September 19, 2013

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Do you accept a drink? I wrote, you 2nd sg.- Aceitas uma bebida? Duo gave as correct:-Você aceita uma bebida?

With the explanation:You used the você form "aceitas" instead of the ele/ela form "aceita".

Why isn't it correct as i wrote it? You 2nd person singular. I do not understand the explanation.

I am just learning the language so I really do not know too much.

Thank you,


You can be second person (tu) or 3rd person (você) in Portuguese. Tu aceitas vs você aceita.


Thank you, I thought so. Bad Duo, took my heart for nothing. :)


Yes, you should report that. The point is that tu is rare in Brazil, only in old writings... But Duo insists a lot on teaching Tu!


I'm wondering about the plural form of the English to Portuguese translation. Couldn't this sentence also translate as "Vocês aceitam uma bebida?"


That's what I put and I got it wrong, despite an earlier question giving that exact translation

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