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  5. "Do you accept a drink?"

"Do you accept a drink?"

Translation:Vocês aceitam uma bebida?

September 19, 2013



I'm wondering about the plural form of the English to Portuguese translation. Couldn't this sentence also translate as "Vocês aceitam uma bebida?"


That's what I put and I got it wrong, despite an earlier question giving that exact translation


Do you accept a drink? I wrote, you 2nd sg.- Aceitas uma bebida? Duo gave as correct:-Você aceita uma bebida?

With the explanation:You used the você form "aceitas" instead of the ele/ela form "aceita".

Why isn't it correct as i wrote it? You 2nd person singular. I do not understand the explanation.

I am just learning the language so I really do not know too much.

Thank you,


You can be second person (tu) or 3rd person (você) in Portuguese. Tu aceitas vs você aceita.


Thank you, I thought so. Bad Duo, took my heart for nothing. :)


Yes, you should report that. The point is that tu is rare in Brazil, only in old writings... But Duo insists a lot on teaching Tu!

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