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  5. "Qual é a cor da saia?"

"Qual é a cor da saia?"

Translation:What color is the skirt?

September 19, 2013



what's wrong with my translation: what is the skirt's color? It has the same meaning!


I also translated it "what is the skirt's color" and it's correct...


I got my one heart broken back then. I think they updated it.


Hmm, English is not my mother tongue, I'd appreciate if somebody told my what's wrong with my answer 'What color the skirt is?' Is it wrong to put the verb in the end of the question?


Yes, it is wrong to end the sentence with the verb. The verb comes before the noun.


I put 'what color is the skirt in' and it didn't accept it, but i can kind of understand why because even though skirts 'come "in" different colors', it doesn't necessarily mean i can ask what color the skirt is in. I should just leave the 'in' out. Lol

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