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I don't know if "FUN" (France université numérique) has been mentioned before on the discussion board, but I was watching "7 jours sur la planete" today on TV5Monde, where they mentioned there is a French equivalent of Coursera etc, where you can do free online courses in French.

I also have an interest in history so signed up to "Découper le temps : les périodes de l'histoire", which will start on 18 May. I am also tempted to join "Fantasy, de l'Angleterre victorienne au Trône de fer" having watched my fair share of Game of Thrones, Tolkien sagas, vampire flicks etc.

If you are interested, you can find the MOOC site at :

May 2, 2015


This looks fabulous. Some people say that you should engage the material that is most interesting to you and this looks like it has some diverse options.

Some of Coursera's courses are in French.

Au fait, j'ai été suivi un cours en français qui adresse les philosophes français contemporains. Ce cours vient de terminer, mais les videos sont encore disponibles:

Il y a des sous-titres si on les regarde en ligne et il y a des transcriptions ici:

Ces philosophes sont assez difficile à comprendre en anglais, mais en français...!

May 3, 2015


May 2, 2015

Oh neat! What a great find, thanks... (And here's a thank you lingot for you!)

May 2, 2015

This is so cool. Thank you for posting.

May 3, 2015
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