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Hard of hearing help!

I love Duolingo, but I am starting to have a real problem, I am hard of hearing and with the computer on full and the hearing aids in, I still can't always get it slow or clear enough to tell what is being said. The written stuff is fine, but german is like english, the sounds are quite similar.(Nicht sounds like liecht to me) Where can I practice hearing more words so i get it easier?

September 19, 2013



Hi! Right now, you can't only practice a specific type of challenge (in your case listening). Do you use the slow button? That might help for now. Keep it up! It takes time to get used to the sounds of another language.


If needed, you can turn of the listening portions in the settings, get through the lesson, and then go back later to practice listening comprehension :)


You can also go to the "vocabulary" section and look up specific words you're having trouble with. The page for each word has an option to listen to it. If you open multiple tabs you could go back and forth between words that sound the same to you.


Thank you Kristinemc, Harryclark17 and Pinduckling, I had no idea you could do that. I do use the slower button, which helps, and I want to do it first but sometimes I just can't hear the words clearly enough. When you have a go three times and still don't get it, it is a bit disheartening. It is just practice as you say .But hearing the words more through the vocabulary will help lots!!


Is a v pronounced as a T and a W as a V? in German.

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