"Mayısta kızlar çok güzel."

Translation:The girls are very beautiful in May.

May 2, 2015

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they become average in July and pretty ugly in September


It is a saying,Idk for Turkey but here in Bosnia we use it mostly in songs


This is a very awkward sentence!


"the girls in may are very beautiful" is correct English even if duolingo soesn't recognise this.


I would disagree that this is a good English sentence. "The girls in May" suggests that these are a specific category of girls, like "the girls in the castle," or "the girls in Istanbul" for example. This would be a limiting definition of a specific group. What is being said in the original sentence is that girls are particularly good-looking in May, but their identity is not confined to that month. In other words, I think "in May" works as an adverbial phrase here, not an adjectival one, and thus should go either before the girls or after beautiful....


I cannot add punctuation but "The girls, in May, are very beautiful" means the same thing.


Absolutely. I totally agree that your two commas surrounding "in May" work as a third correct option, rendering the meaning as I described above:)


If "the girls in May" was the subject of the sentence, it would need to be "mayıstaki kızlar" -- so you know that "mayısta" is not an adjective describing the subject here.


"Mayısta kızlar çok güzel." Translation: The girls are very beautiful in May.


In May the girls are very beautiful.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.

London Girls are beautiful all year round. Such a diverse mix of all nationalities & cultures. All beautiful.


What the meaning of mayısta


"mayıs" is May and the locative suffix (in/at/on) is "-da" which changes into "-ta" after the consonants "ç f h k p s ş t" . Hence "mayısta" which translates as "in May"


Did anyone else hear 'kuşlar'?


We don't have to say here: Mayıs' ta? For to separate the month of the location suffix? ^^


As far as I've seen, English is part of a minority of languages which consider months and weekdays as proper nouns. Since mayıs isn't proper, the apostrophe isn't necessary.


why not "is" but used "are" in this case??


Because "the girls" is a plural subject.

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