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"Mayısta kızlar çok güzel."

Translation:The girls are very beautiful in May.

3 years ago



"the girls in may are very beautiful" is correct English even if duolingo soesn't recognise this.

1 year ago


I would disagree that this is a good English sentence. "The girls in May" suggests that these are a specific category of girls, like "the girls in the castle," or "the girls in Istanbul" for example. This would be a limiting definition of a specific group. What is being said in the original sentence is that girls are particularly good-looking in May, but their identity is not confined to that month. In other words, I think "in May" works as an adverbial phrase here, not an adjectival one, and thus should go either before the girls or after beautiful....

4 weeks ago


What the meaning of mayısta

2 years ago

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"mayıs" is May and the locative suffix (in/at/on) is "-da" which changes into "-ta" after the consonants "ç f h k p s ş t" . Hence "mayısta" which translates as "in May"

2 years ago


In May

1 year ago

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Is that the only characteristic of mayıs?

1 year ago