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"Vi bor den samme boulevard."

Translation:We live on the same avenue.

May 2, 2015



Why cant i say "we live in the same boulevard"?


In or on should be both accepted.Most English speakers would say IN.


Being on an avenue would indicate being on the road. In is more correct for dwelling, as you are living within the area identified by the road name.


Why is the translation 'We live on the same boulevard.' Not accepted. Both 'boulevard' and 'avenue' are used in English.


Will "Vi bor på den samme alle" also be correct here?

[deactivated user]

    By definition, the words are not exactly the same.

    en boulevard is a very wide road with trees on each side.

    en allé is a road with trees planted on both sides, often leading up to a manor house.

    In reality, many roads that do not fit the above definitions have Boulevard or Allé in their names.

    The sentence "Vi bor på den samme boulevard." would only be used if they live on the same very wide stretch of road.


    I think in USA at least theres a technical difference between an Avenue, and a Boulevard but I also have no clue what it is.


    Yes, like in all languages. Well, the difference is the avenue is a way going from one place to another (from the french Avenue, way of venue, itself from the latin avenire) the boulevard is normally circular and goes nowhere (followed the ramparts of a town, comes from Old english bulwark, fortifications). Both have (or had) trees on the sides. But this its the theory.

    Nowadays the avenue is a large urban way, more important than a street but smaller than a boulevard and they no longer need any tree on their sides.


    Why is it 'på den samme boulevard' but 'i samme distrikt' ? Why is 'the' needed in one case and not the other?


    I'm English and I would say boulevard is the natural translation. Why switch it to avenue?

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