"Vi bor på den samme boulevard."

Translation:We live on the same avenue.

3 years ago


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Why cant i say "we live in the same boulevard"?

5 months ago


In or on should be both accepted.Most English speakers would say IN.

6 months ago


Will "Vi bor på den samme alle" also be correct here?

3 years ago


By definition, the words are not exactly the same.

en boulevard is a very wide road with trees on each side.

en allé is a road with trees planted on both sides, often leading up to a manor house.

In reality, many roads that do not fit the above definitions have Boulevard or Allé in their names.

The sentence "Vi bor på den samme boulevard." would only be used if they live on the same very wide stretch of road.

3 years ago


Why is the translation 'We live on the same boulevard.' Not accepted. Both 'boulevard' and 'avenue' are used in English.

2 months ago
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