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Spanish Skype Group

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So, I've been using this website for a long time now and it has really helped me improve my Spanish. However, the best way to practice is to actually speak with other people in Spanish. So, I'm looking for a few people who would like to practice with me through Skype. I'm a 16, male, living in the US, so if you're around the same age and looking for someone to practice with, leave your Skype name in the discussion and we can try it out!

3 years ago



Te sugiero este sitio web para hablar y escribir "chat" con personas de diferentes países.


Pero te recomendaría seguir mejorando tú nivel en la sección de Inmersión de Duolingo. :)

Bye and luck.

3 years ago


I'm 17 years old! my email is shirly735@gmail.com, ask for my skype username, I would like to talk to you :)

3 years ago