Link doesn't work

"Ask the community" button in doesn't work

Also I suggest making [ About |Terms | Guidelines|Privacy|Help|Jobs|Blog|Twitter|Facebook] a bit more visible

September 19, 2013


The 'ask the community' button directs to the forum in chrome. What browser are you using?

September 19, 2013

firefox 21.0

September 19, 2013

Thanks! This is a bug in firefox. Appreciate the details.

September 19, 2013

Hello kristinemc

the following HTML-Code will fix the problem

[div class="centered-button-container"]

[button id="more-padding" class="btn large primary" onclick="location.href = '/topic/647'; return false;"]
Ask the [strong]Community[/strong]

[div class="centered-text"][span]or[/span][/div]

[button id="more-padding" class="btn large primary" onclick="; return false;"]
Contact Us


October 14, 2013
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