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Option to report audio quality issues

First of all, I like the newly improved problem reporting for post question response. The commenting addition is also a nice new feature. How about considering an option to report audio quality issues? I've noticed some audio clips where the sound is either cut off, incomprehensible or distorted. The sharp artifacts are a little hard on the ears when I wear headphones. Thanks.

December 23, 2012



Agreed! We'll add this.

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I agree with eunoia that reporting an audio quality issue is a good idea and I appreciate that Duolingo will include such a report option; however I reported the audio problem Duolingo is having, curiously enough mainly with English pronunciation, many times over the last 5 months and I do not see any change. Distorted audio clips remain an issue. Just one minor example: the difference between "a" and "the" often is incomprehensible and when it comes to the slow version of "the", it is always pronounced like "see" with a "th" instead of s. Audio exercises are an important element in language learning and when you listen to a sentence 5 times (in normal and slow version) and you all you understand is gibberish, it is simply frustrating. Of course when you repeat the exercise two or three times you get it right, but not because you hear what is said, but because your brain tells you what you have to write down even so the audio recognition part of your brain still records only gibberish. Sorry Duolingo, I think you can do better


Just in case no-one has mentioned it... 9 out 10 times I have to repeat the Spanish phrase as the first word is cut / distorted - the quality is fine once Duolingo plays the whole word.


Thank you, Luis.

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