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The largest desert in the world

What does the world "desert" make you think of? Do you imagine a hot , sandy place such as the Sahara in Africa? That's what comes to mind for most people, but did you know that Antartartica is the lasgest desert in the world? A desert is any place that receives less than 2.5 cm of water a year, and Antarctica receives less than that. Antarctica is made up of 98% ice and 2% rock. The ice is mainly in the from of
1) STREAMS / GLACIERS. These are the largest 2) SOURCE / RESOURCE of fresh water on Earth. If they melt due to 3) GLOBAL / WORLD warming, the sea level will rise and cities on the 4) CLIFFS / COASTS will be covered by water. Also, Antarctica is the home of Emperor Penguin and if the ice melts, it's 5) NATURAL / PHYSICAL habitat will start to disappear and it will become an endangered 6) CREATURE / SPECIES . It's 7) SURVIVAL / LIFE depends on the ice because that's where penguins have their babies. Emperor Penguins could find themselves on the 8) LINE / VERGE of 9) EXTENCTION / DESTRUCTION. The 10) RISK / THREAT is real and scientists are very concerned.

May 2, 2015

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I imagined a hot and sandy place. I didn't know that Antartica was a desert jijiji :P Your subject is fine ;)

May 3, 2015

In my opinion:

1) Glaciers 2) Source 3) Global 4) Coast 5) Natural 6) Species 7) Survival 8) Verge 9) Extection 10) Risk

May 4, 2015
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