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Encourage Players to Peek After Answering Questions.

It used to be that when you looked at words after giving an answer (whether right or wrong), it wouldn't have the little, "You peeked" pop-up, and wasn't counted to your peeking. Now, it seems it is.

This discourages players from checking words. By all means, track whether we peek after answering questions, but take away the discouraging pop-up. I peek regardless of it, but it sends a signal that I shouldn't be doing it.

September 19, 2013



I agree, I also was annoyed by this change.


Does peeking count against your vocab score for that word or something?


More or less. We're not sure how much, just that it does.


Would you want them to remove that pop-up all together or just modify it so it doesn't show itself after you have already given an answer?

I agree with you. When I think about it I used to checked the dictionary hints for errors after I have already given my answer, even though I perfectly knew what the word means. (btw I always check if I am correct using one or more dictionaries before reporting) .


Just modify it so it doesn't come up when you've already answered the questions.


Does anyone know if peeking in sentence discussion while doing a lesson speeds up the decay rate of the word as well?


If either peeking a word or peeking in sentence discussion does speed up the decay rate, it's not fair towards non-natives in English. I often peek to check spelling in English, even though I know it perfectly well in my own language. Adding such words to the decayed section would limit my speed of progress unnecessarily [-- i.e. an example of a word that I have to check every time ;-)].

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