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  5. "Haziran bir yaz ayı."

"Haziran bir yaz ayı."

Translation:June is a summer month.

May 3, 2015



why not yazın? A month of the summer? .


Compare the difference between: çocuk kitabı "a children's book, a book for children" and çocuğun kitabı "a child's book, a book belonging to a child".

This is just the general genitive construction where English would put two nouns next to each other (as in "summer month"), so only the second nouns gets a possessive suffix: yaz ayı.

It's not really possessive as in "summer's month", which would be "yazın ayı".


if the english sentence were 'june is a month of the summer.' you could say it

June is a month of the summer. -> Haziran yazın bir ayı.


June is a summer bear :P


you know our local language in Tatarstan is quite as Turkish. lots of words I don't need to learn as I already know them. but this is strange, as yaz in Tatar is a spring, and here is a summer and I am so confused!


Haha! This reminded me of Azerbaijani - because they have the same issue.

Turkish: yaz - summer Azerbaijani: yaz - spring

Turkish: yay - spring (what you find in a mattress, not the season) Azerbaijani: yay - summer

Go figure!


As a person who speaks Kyrgyz I can't express my frustration from the fact that yaz is summer but not spring


Hayır , Ocak yaz ay ! ( Avustralya)


*ayı And yes, I'm Aussie too. :D


Does ayı have a possessive ending because it functions as a compound word together with yaz?


Yes, it is called an indefinite noun compound.

Definite noun compound: month of summer/summer's month

Indefinite noun compound: summer month


I am turk and i also wrong answered... It also can be: Haziran bir yaz ayıdır.


this is a general comment. a fact. so, shouldn't "dir" be used in the sentence? like: "Haziran bir yac ayi dir"?


You can use '-dir' here. And in fact it would sounds better to me, but both are acceptable.


The worst pronunciation ever. Ps: Native Turkish speaker


It's not Down Under


Why is ayidir not accepted?


I also think ayıdır is a better answer here.


Isn't "summer" an adjective here, modifying "month"? As such, shouldn't it come before "bir"? So why isn't it "Haziran yaz bir ayı"?


Isn't "summer" an adjective here, modifying "month"?

No. It's a noun, not an adjective (even if it modifies another noun).


Ah ok. I guess to be an adjective it would need to be something like a "summery month"


Can someone explain this to me, please? I just wrote "Haziran bir YAZIYI" and that was accepted, so it is correct. Why? I wanted to try this, but I did not expect it to be accepted. Is that some mix of yaz and ayı or is it a mistake (my and Duo's)?

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