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  5. "Haziran bir yaz ayı."

"Haziran bir yaz ayı."

Translation:June is a summer month.

May 3, 2015



why not yazın? A month of the summer? .


Compare the difference between: çocuk kitabı "a children's book, a book for children" and çocuğun kitabı "a child's book, a book belonging to a child".

This is just the general genitive construction where English would put two nouns next to each other (as in "summer month"), so only the second nouns gets a possessive suffix: yaz ayı.

It's not really possessive as in "summer's month", which would be "yazın ayı".


if the english sentence were 'june is a month of the summer.' you could say it

June is a month of the summer. -> Haziran yazın bir ayı.


you know our local language in Tatarstan is quite as Turkish. lots of words I don't need to learn as I already know them. but this is strange, as yaz in Tatar is a spring, and here is a summer and I am so confused!


Haha! This reminded me of Azerbaijani - because they have the same issue.

Turkish: yaz - summer Azerbaijani: yaz - spring

Turkish: yay - spring (what you find in a mattress, not the season) Azerbaijani: yay - summer

Go figure!


As a person who speaks Kyrgyz I can't express my frustration from the fact that yaz is summer but not spring


Does ayı have a possessive ending because it functions as a compound word together with yaz?


Yes, it is called an indefinite noun compound.

Definite noun compound: month of summer/summer's month

Indefinite noun compound: summer month


Hayır , Ocak yaz ay ! ( Avustralya)


*ayı And yes, I'm Aussie too. :D


June is a summer bear :P


this is a general comment. a fact. so, shouldn't "dir" be used in the sentence? like: "Haziran bir yac ayi dir"?


You can use '-dir' here. And in fact it would sounds better to me, but both are acceptable.


I am turk and i also wrong answered... It also can be: Haziran bir yaz ayıdır.


The worst pronunciation ever. Ps: Native Turkish speaker

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