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"Do you really want to become a politician?"

Translation:Gerçekten politikacı olmak istiyor musun?

May 3, 2015


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Can I ask "Gerçekten mi politikacı olmak istiyorsun?"?

May 3, 2015


Not really. But you can say: ''Gerçekten politikacı mı olmak istiyorsun?'' ''Politikacı olmayı gerçekten istiyor musun?''

The first one emphasises ''politikacı olmak'' Te second one emphasises ''gerçekten''.

July 11, 2015


What about olmak vs olmayı ?

January 17, 2016


They are both accepted, but "olmak" is much more common

January 18, 2016


Can this order not be used: "Politikacı gerçekten olmak istiyor musun"?

July 27, 2015


you have to think of "politikacı olmak" as a phrase together, you cannt place somethin in between

August 19, 2015


What is the difference between siyasetçi and politikacı? Because it considered siyasetçi wrong :(

October 12, 2016


no difference

November 13, 2016


İt should be : "Gercekten bir politikaci olmak istiyor musun ?" 'a' is 'bir' here, as in literally 'one'

November 13, 2016


not really. it is not common to use "bir" in such sentences in Turkish

November 13, 2016


Actually it is, we use it in the form of -bi'- "Gercekten bi' politikaci olmak istiyor musun?". İt would also be wrong if an english sentence didnt have "a" . As in; Do you really want to be teacher? Not to mention, it's grammatically correct. Trust me, i'm also turkish :P

November 13, 2016


yes, it would be wrong if an english sentence didnt have "a" . As in; Do you really want to be teacher?- absolutely wrong

trust me, I am Turkish. It is much more natural and common to say Gerçekten politikacı olmak istiyor musun? than Gerçekten BİR politikacı olmak istiyor musun?.

Just like almost nobody says "Ben bir doktorum", but they would rather say "Ben doktorum".

November 13, 2016


You HAVE to use "bir" in such a sentence to be grammatically correct. This is especially very important if you are writing a formal essay or a petition.

"Ben bir doktorum." The only thing you can understand from this sentence is that the speaker is a doctor. İt is specific.

"Ben doktorum." Which doctor? Are you A doctor or are you THE doctor? İt is unspecific. Might confuse people.

November 13, 2016
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