Translation:I open.

May 3, 2015



I open... A magical portal!!! Yay!!! This sentence was begging me to add a magical portal to it. :-P

April 3, 2016


Well, wow. I really didn't hear that right at all, even though I was puzzled and listened to it several times. I guessed it might be Osclaím, but since it didn't sound like it (the m sounded like a bh) I typed down what I heard. Which, obviously, was wrong.

May 3, 2015


Same here.

August 3, 2015

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I heard nothing at all (turned up the volume as high as possible, since this latest addition of speakers is at very low volume, for some reason). But unfortunately, I answered in Spanish ("nada") rather than Irish, so I guess that's why it was marked wrong :) [Yes, I reported the problem...]

April 28, 2016
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