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  5. "Ithimid ag an bpósadh."

"Ithimid ag an bpósadh."

Translation:We eat at the wedding.

May 3, 2015



may be posadh is right but as a native irish speaker, to me, posadh is 'to marry' and 'bainis' is Wedding ag an bposadh would be at the marriage.


Could it vary by dialect? This discussion contrasted the dictionary definitions of pósadh vs. bainis.


could be, but in conamara, i havent heard pósadh used over bainis


Given this sentence, one would expect any eating to be done after the ceremony (e.g. at the “reception” instead, at least in US English), so ag an mbainis would probably make more sense here; but given that the sentences here are not always reflective of common behavior, perhaps a pair of hungry guests were snacking while vows were being exchanged at the altar.


The vocal is spoken at a speed that is very unhelpful to the learner.


How can you tell whether she's saying "we eat at their wedding" (ithimid ag a bpósadh) or "we eat at the wedding" (ithimid ag an bpósadh)?


The quality of the "a". In many dialects "ag a' = ag an" would use a open front vowel where as "ag a = at their" would use an open back vowel.


What they are both eclipsed! Back to the eclipsis Tips and Notes for me: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Eclipsis

I guess it is back to Forvo for me: http://forvo.com/search/ag%20an/

Oh no, they don't have "ag a" ! Okay, I meant back to Abair:

http://www.abair.tcd.ie/?synth=cm_V2lang=engpage=synthesissubmit=trueview=listenxpos=ypos=speed=Normalpitch=1.0colors=default Okay the synthesizer won't work for me...now what?

[deactivated user]

    It is really too bad that the only time you hear something pronounced is in the Write this is Irish question and then with words in inflected form. It would be better for beginners if we could hear words pronounced in their base form and then both lenited and with eclipsis. Here, for example, does the definite article change in pronunciation before the noun or is it an ...bosadh?


    Ithimid an bpósadh


    ná hith an rís!

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