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  5. "Tá oráiste agam."

" oráiste agam."

Translation:I have an orange.

May 3, 2015



I have found that the speaker does not seem to emphasise the letters with the sineadh fada..She pronounces the word as if there is no sineadh fada..It is also difficult to understand what she is saying sometimes..Is there only a Connacht dialect available because that dialect is difficult to understand.


Could it not also mean "I am ..." something? If the sentence was not concerning an orange, that is?


No. The phrasal verb bí ag is used for 'have'. You're thinking of the phrasal verb bí i, though it has a different meaning than the copula.


I have noticed that sometimes the speaker emphasizes the first syllable in agam, and sometimes the second syllable... what is the difference?


It's likely an effect of her speaking it as it is written and not as she would say it natively. In most Connacht dialects, where the speaker is from, agam has been shortened to 'am.


It also accepts "I have orange". I had a strange mental image of a person with a manic look on their face whike holding orange paint during an orange paint shortage...

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