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  5. "Are you blue or green?"

"Are you blue or green?"

Translation:Mavi misin yoksa yeşil misin?

May 3, 2015



İs there any different between yoksa and veya ?


Yoksa is used after the question ending -mI.

Mavi misin yoksa yeşil misin? -> Are you blue or green?
Mavi veya yeşil misin? -> Are you blue or green?

Yoksa also means otherwise.


just adding to this, "Mavi misin yoksa yeşil misin? and Mavi veya yeşil misin?" are not the same. In the first one you are either blue or green, and you are asked which one of these you are. In the second one you are asked if you are one of these, or if you are a third color.


Oh! This is called subtleness


actually it is not, "mavi veya yesil misin" is a very awkward question


Are you talking about some hidden context that we are missing, or do you mean it just "sounds wrong"? Your explanation above seemed to make perfect sense until I read your second comment.

E.g.: I am playing a game with 4+ players, and have to interact with the players of blue and green. I forgot who was playing what color, and I ask the player next to me: "Are you blue or green?" - meaning: "Do I have to speak with you, or with the other players?"

That is how I understood your above explanation for the use of "Mavi veya yeşil misin?"


Thank you for a complete answer :)


Why can't I say "Mavi misin ya yesil misin"? someone please help.


What is wrong with "sen mavi yoksa yeşil mi" Why does Duo consider this to be wrong? What is his grammatical reasoning behind his statement?


you have to add the suffix for sen to "mi", conjugation is necessary


Is it possible to omit the first use of "misin", ie is "sen mavi yoksa yeşil misin?" also correct?


Try to read the answer above.


I've just tried "mavi misin, yeşil mi" which is more concise


When do you use müsun, mısın and misin


müsun does not exist. look up (google) the vowel harmony:

a,ı -> mısın

e,i -> misin

o,u -> musun

ö,ü -> müsün


"veya" "ya da" "yoksa" aynı şeyler

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