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  5. "Sie wird ein Haus erwerben."


"Sie wird ein Haus erwerben."

December 23, 2012



Is "erwerben" actually pronounced with such a hard stop on the w, or is it just an error on the speaker's part? I'm leaning toward the latter because of how phonetically ideal German spelling is, but I still want to make sure in case I start mispronouncing an important verb.


Not sure what you mean by "hard stop on the w". It sounds fine to me.


I don't see any major issues with the pronounciation but the computer voice sounds a bit synthesized ;-) Here a human speaker: http://de.forvo.com/word/erwerben/#de


I really like using dict.cc because of its recordings for the words. Many common words have audio recorded from several different speakers. (Some less-common words only have a synthesized voice, but at least it's a different synthesized voice.)


Is it incorrect to translate this sentence as "She will purchase a house"?

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