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  5. "The award is on the wall."

"The award is on the wall."

Translation:Prisen er på væggen.

May 3, 2015



udmærkelsen eller præmien lyder meget bedre på dansk


Enig. Eller diplomet...


Can prisen also mean price? It accepted it when I meant to write prize, but I'm not sure if it actually means price as well, or whether duo realised it was a typo.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it means both price and prize.


    Why is the preferred answer "Prisen er på væggen" rather than ""Prisen stå på væggen" ?


    Because "stå" in this case means "stand" (as in "stand on"). To make it all more complicated it could actually (technically) be right as "prisen ståR på væggen" in the meaning "the award is written on the wall" - but it would be a very awkward sentence that you would never hear.


    Tak! I was thinking about <a href="https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6981668">this comment</a>. Would this be possible -- "Prisen stiller på væggen" -- or is that also a sentence that one would never hear?


    You would definitely not hear that. It's just because... Danish... ;-)

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