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  5. "A massa entrou na corte."

"A massa entrou na corte."

Translation:The mass entered the court.

September 19, 2013



"Crowd" would be better than mass.


i put 'a maca entrou na corte' and was wondering why an apple would have entered a court...


Yeah I wrote massa and was wondering why pasta would enter a court. First time learning that massa also means mass.


Same here. I thought, wow these Brazilian judges are so badass they eat in court.


Yeh, if apples and pasta had legs.... The word was introduced for the first time, orally, but not defined.


maçã should be clearly distinguishable from massa: http://translate.google.com/#pt/en/uma%20massa.%20%0Auma%20ma%C3%A7%C3%A3. (click play sound)


@theactualjase hahahaha.


A better English translation would be "The crowd entered the court". "Mass", meaning a group of people, is not heard often in English. "The masses" is more common, usually in news reports about protests, demonstrations, etc.


This sentence would be better like that "eles foram em massa e entraram na corte" ou eles entraram em massa na corte. Is it not comum people say "massa" in that case, maybe A multidão entrou na corte,


The problem with many of the exercises is that they're phrased in a way that makes more sense in the context of some prior statement. In this case, "mass" is a great word to create a picture of a huge mindless lump--e.g., "People were swarming around the courtroom door, impatient for the coming spectacle to begin. All of a sudden, the doors opened, and the mass surged into the court."


I think crowd sounds better. mass in singular can refer to a tumor


The mass of people? I don't understand what they mean here.


The sentence in English doesn't make any sense.


Neither in portuguese...


Yes, mass of people!

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Is here "multidão" synonyme to massa?


"Massa" is hardly ever used with this meaning. "Multidão" is more common.


It means a whole lot of people.


Yeah I've noticed this usage for "crowd" seems to be common in the language. In songs it comes up a bit "menino do Deus e a massa da favela" as an example

[deactivated user]

    I thing the best translation is "The throng entered the court", it sounds adequately mediaevil.


    If referring to a large group of people, it would be better to use "masses" instead of "mass." Use of the singular here sounds like old sci-fi to me, as if the Blob had entered the court.


    "The mass entered the court" is a very poor example for this English usage/translation. Duo should find another example because we would not use this particular construction to express this idea.


    Crowd or even mob would be better, but if we have to use mass it would be plural in the UK - The masses entered the court.

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