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"There are only four feet between them."

Translation:Níl ach ceithre throigh eatarthu.

May 3, 2015



Why is the singular throigh used in this example, but the plural throithe in the ar fád example?


It should be troithe. troigh is one of the ones that uses the plural for counting. Usage from beo.ie. All counting ones, except 30, use troithe. Also, the special plural forms don't lenite for 3-6.


The full set of nouns that use a plural form following some numbers can be found in the 2012 Caighdeán, §9.3.2, page 159 — viz bliain, ceann, cloigeann, fiche, pingin, seachtain, trian, troigh, and uair. (Bliain, fiche, pingin, seachtain, trian, and uair use different plural forms after numbers than their usual plural forms.) For these nouns, one and two use a lenited singular (as usual), three through six use an unmutated plural instead of a lenited singular, and seven through ten use an eclipsed plural instead of an eclipsed singular. Uair, the only one of these nouns that begins with a vowel, gets a prefixed h following trí, ceithre, and . These same rules apply for 11 through 19 (modulo 10). Numbers 110 and higher that leave a remainder of ten when divided by 100 use the same rule as ten above; other numbers 20 and higher that are evenly divisible by ten use an unmutated singular (as usual); and numbers 21 and higher that aren’t evenly divisible by ten use the same rules (modulo 10) as one through nine above.

EDIT: The rules are also in the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Caighdeán (§9.3.2, page 146).


Thank you both for the details! So ... Níl ach ceithre troithe eatharthu. should be correct in this example?


... except it's eatarthu.


Can one find the English translation of the caighdeán if so where thank you


An Caighdeán Oifigúil (http://www.oireachtas.ie/parliament/about/rannoganaistriuchain/ancaighdeanoifigiuil/) is only made available in Irish. I'm not aware of an English translation.

(I see that the 2017 edition is now available at that link. I haven't had time to see what changes have been introduced).


This discussion might be of interest to you.


@scilling .Go raibh maith agat


This is wrong, it should be troithe, not troigh.


So troigh is the word for both the body part and the unit of measurement, from what I can tell.


No, 'troigh' is the measurement, 'cos' is the body part


troigh, f. (gs. ~e, pl. -ithe).1. Anat: Foot. Ní rachainn fad mo throighe, ón troigh go dtí an tsáil, ina araicis, I wouldn’t stir a foot to meet him. 3(a).2. Step. Dá dtéadh sé troigh tharstu, if he should step beyond them, try to take precedence over them. Tá sé ar troigh gan tuairisc, no one knows his whereabouts. 3. troigh stoca, vamp of stocking. 4. Meas: Foot. troigh ar fad, a foot in length. troigh chearnach, chiúbach, square, cubic, foot.

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