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Possessive Pronouns?

Hi. So I think get the language really well so far, but I'm not yet clear on the Possessive Pronouns part of it. Why is it so tricky to grasp? Should I keep working on that, or should I just move on?

May 3, 2015



I'm a little confused because there's an explanation for Dutch here. Anyway, in Danish:

my = min (singular) or mine (plural)

your (singular) = din (singular) or dine (plural, as in the thingS are yours)

his = hans

her = hendes

its = dens or dets (depends on whether the thing or animal it belongs to is an "en" or "et" word)

In the third person singular you also have "sin/sit/sine". This is used when you say something belongs to the subject of the sentence. For example: "she eats her food" = "hun spiser sin mad". If she'd be eating someone else's food, for example her mother's, it would be: "hun spiser hendes mad". There is a difference in meaning there.

our = vores

your (plural) = jeres

their = deres


Thank you so much! that's exactly what I needed. I'm gonna frame this somewhere.


Haha, you're welcome ^^


Thanks but i still don't understand which out of sin/sit/sine is used in sentences for example 'Kvinden læser sine bøger'


work on it, it no that hard :) besides nominative pronouns, there are only genitive (possesive)... no accusative or dative or any other :)

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