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"We are waiting for the waitress."

Translation:Garsonu bekliyoruz.

May 3, 2015



What does the "u" at the end of "garson" mean? Is it a gender marker? A dative one? Assuming the word is not in the accusative case, otherwise it would have the "i" suffix, evet?


It's the accusative case. Garson + i = garsonu.

Vowel Harmony


Thanks as always!


"We are waiting for the waitress" How come "Garson için bekliyoruz" does not work?


We usually don't use "için".

Beklemek is a perfectly transitive verb in Turkish. Just say whatever you're waiting for and bob's your uncle.

I think that "for" is a Germanic thing. English, German and Danish all use a preposition after the verb "to wait"; wheras French, Italian and Spanish don't use anything. Neither does Turkish.

So if your native language is English, this is one of those verbs that you have to be careful about.


Another way to think of the verb beklemek for us English speakers is to define it mentally as "await." If you use that definition, then you don't use "for": "We are awaiting the server (or waitress or whatever)." That might help. (Even though we seldom say "I am awaiting." But it might help you think how you don't need the "for" or "için."


Why is it wring to say "biz garsunu bikliyoruz"


Hello Tania

Your answer is right & not spelt correctly in Turkish & you have spelling mistakes in your English.

Is there any way I can help you? Spell check on your Microsoft word for English & I use Lexilogos virtual keyboard for Turkish spelling.

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Hello Tania


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"Biz garsonu bekliyoruz." Baska doğru türkçe cevap.


Why is 'Biz kadın garsonu bekliyoruz' marked wrong? The question refers to a waitress rather than a waiter.


Thank you ALL for answering. I appreciate your help.

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