"Personel çay içer."

Translation:The staff drink tea.

May 3, 2015

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    I wrote "the staff drink tea" it was not accepted and was stated "the staff drinks tea" not sure why. Could anyone shed some light on this anomoly.


    collective nouns are generally treated as "singular" grammatically. But I guess here "drink" should work too.


    Yes, "staff" is one of those ones that might be done either way. "The staff drink" sounds more British to me, but that might be because I'm American and "the staff drinks" would be more common here.

    [As an aside, I don't know if this sentence also accepts "personnel" as a translation for "personel," but if it does, that, too, would take the plural ("the personnel drink tea").]


    I'm Irish and I think 'the staff drink' sounds more natural to me. Another quirk in English grammar :)


    Kiwi here and yes, 'drink' sounds far more natural to me. I have heard Australians use 'drinks' however. Both are accepted now it seems.


    A member of staff (singular) drinks tea but staff (plural) drink tea.


    In British English :) Not in American English, where we treat groups as a singular unit (the same stands with family and band).

    Regardless, we accept both.


    In British English 'drink' is strictly correct and should not be marked incorrecy


    In English, staff can be one person or many people. Does that apply to 'personel' in Turkish?


    Normally, I think of staff as many people unless the company literally only employs one person. Otherwise, you are a member of the staff.

    In Turkish, it is all of the employees of a company (or school or hospital or whatever business you may have).


    And how would it work grammatically? Is it possible to write "personel çay içerler"? Or are groups always considered singular?


    It is treated as grammatically singular in Turkish :) You cannot use the plural suffix on the verb.


    You can use plural suffix in verbs only with tense suffix. Personel çay içerler. (not used) Personel çay iç-ti-ler. (The staff drank tea.) (usable)


    İ would never say "The staff drinkS tea", it sounds like saying "you was" :-/


    Are you in the UK? (This one is very dialect-dependent. I'm American, so "the staff drinks tea" sounds right to me, and "the staff drink tea" sounds British. =) )


    The correct English is "The staff drink tea". The staff do not "drinks" tea, lol.


    "Personel" is similar to Swedish, "Personal" means staff in Swedish :)


    the right answer is the staff drinks tea not - drink


    Do I need 'the' here? Could it also just mean staff in general?


    Ok I will report it next time


    Can ask you sth? although it is not connected with this lesson? we say yumurta for an egg, but plural is...?


    It depends on the sentence. It could be "yumurtalar" if it is the subject or "yumurta" if it is a general direct object before a verb.


    why the word "personel" can't be an adjective? just like: "he drinks the staff tea" ?


    Then I think that the Turkısh word for tea would have a possessive suffix: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8612302 I think that the Turkish noun would need a suffix to become an adjectıve. http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/wordbanana.htm


    "Personel çay içer." Translation: The staff drinks tea.


    "The personnel drink tea." Başka doğru İngilizce cevap.


    Guys! STAFF always PLURAL therefore it must be "drink". We can't say "staff drinks".


    The satf "drink" tea


    This isn't right. In English 'staff' is a plural noun, so it should be the staff drink tea. If you're talking about one person you'd say the staff member drinks tea.

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