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  5. "Qual é a duração do ciclo?"

"Qual é a duração do ciclo?"

Translation:How long is the cycle?

September 19, 2013

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How can "what is the duration of the cycle?" be wrong? If I hover over the words, that is what is suggested.


It's a bug which has now been fixed. I wrote the same answer as you and was marked correct.


Works for me 2015-07-20.


It's probably a bug, report the error so they can fix it.


Why do we use 'qual' in this context for "what"?


Why are we learning these highfalutin words... I wouldn't understand the answer to this question since we haven't been taught NUMBERS yet!


Like others i used "period" and was marked wrong. Why?


I wrote "How long does the period last" (which was exactly the same as one of the correct solutions, except I used the word "period" instead of "cycle"). Period was one of the suggested solutions for "ciclo". Can any explain why it would not be correct? Thanks!


I am wondering in what suituation I would ask such a question. A woman? then get a slap.


"The cycle" does not only relate to menstruation and in any case it is probably the only cycle whose general duration is commonly known: One month, or roughly 28 days. It shouldn't be something you need to ask anybody, except perhaps a doctor.

Anyway, I was thinking of cyclical or (otherwise recurring) events- Eclipes, cometary appearances, sinusoidal waveforms, and so on like that. For example, a lunar cycle is one month, a solar cycle is one year, an orbital cycle is one day, etc etc


Or laundry! How long is the wash cycle?


My first thought was about a life time cycle in product management...


Sometimes it says qual is correct, other times quao. Why?


In Portuguese, the final 'l' becomes an 'o' or 'u' sound. I don't know why it is inconsistent. Maybe a native speaker can answer this?


Not a native but from what I know that's in spoken Brazilian Portuguese that the L makes a sort of long U sound. I believe European and African generally pronounce the L. So a Brazilian says "Brasioo", "Portugao", "Quao"; a Portuguese or Angolan would pronounce those words almost as they would be in Spanish but with a different accent: "Brasil", "Portugal", "Cuál"

While duo teaches Portuguese with a Brazilian accent, in my experience it accepts Euro/African pronunciation for speaking activities.



"Qual" is the usual interrogative. "Quão" can imply intensity.



In English period is a unit of time used in schools. The length varies. To translate the above is perfectly reasonable. ie What is the length of the period = how long?


It marks which is the duration as incorrect....


But 'which is the duration' would imply that there are two or more set options to choose from that are already known, for example 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes, and you were asking which one of those to choose. 'What is the duration' is more general, like the answer could be anything. I'm not sure how you would say 'which is the duration of the cycle' is portuguese, but I imagine it probably wouldn't be the same as 'qual é a duracão'.


I would like to know the answer to this as well.


What's wrong with "how long is the period?". It was marked wrong.


I struggle with context of some sentences, and this is one of them. "How long is the period?" sounds to e, of all the alternatives discussed here, the one I can imagine myself ever saying in real life.


Can anyone help me out with how "qual" is to be pronounced? I've listened over and over, and even to other sources such as forvo, and I can't figure out whether the /l/ is supposed to be pronounced or whether it sounds more like a /w/ here.

For example, does it rhyme with "wow," or with "wall"?



Depending on the speaker's accents, it's both. The "a" sound is "ah", so it doesn't really rhyme with wall (which is closer to an "or" sound), and the "l" sound is rolled into a "w" sound- so it's more like "kwal", or "kwau"

I'm not a native speaker, but Google search and Google Translate understand me, so... Yeah. If machines understand you, people probably will


If you want to sound Brazilian it should rhyme with 'wow'; if you want to sound Portuguese or Angolan I think it would rhyme with "wall".


Why isnt "How long is the period?" correct? Is that just a change from CYCLO to PERÍODO?


Essentially, yes. A cycle repeats, a period may or may not. Different words, different meanings.


Shouldn't it be: "what is the duration of the cycle" ?


That is the literal translation, and since it's correct duo should accept it. If it doesn't, report it.


So question for native lusophones... do you guys use 'ciclo' for a semester at university? Much of South American Spanish does but I hear it less in say Mexican or Caribbean Spanish and I find that often those vocab differences in the South share cognates with Brazilian Portuguese.


I thought "what is the length of the cycle." But then i told myself that a cycle has no length but circumference lol

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