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"The student used to come to school every day."

Translation:Thagadh an dalta ar scoil gach lá.

May 3, 2015



Can 'chun' or 'chuige' or similar be used instead of 'ar'?


Generally not with any destination defined by participation or membership, such as scoil. Chun or chuig (or do) could be used with a place name, e.g. chun na Fraince, chuig an bhFrainc, or don Fhrainc.

EDIT: The EID does offer dul chun na scoile as an alternative to dul ar scoil for “to go to school”.


How about 'go dti' scoil?


A destination following go dtí requires an article, so go dtí an scoil would be possible; but note that in Ulster Irish, Thagadh an dalta go dtí an scoil gach lá would mean that the pupil used to come “up to” the school every day, without entering the building.


Go raibh maith agat, very informative answer.

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