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Daily Spanish Vocabulary #2

This is the second of a series I'll be making to help people here learn some more vocabulary. I'll be using a selection of words: sometimes based on current issues, sometimes based on requests, and other times based on what I feel like doing. Anyways, enjoy!

Today's topic is based on endangered wildlife.

poner en peligro

Transitive verb

Definition(s): to endanger

la fauna


Definition(s): wildlife

el medio ambiente


Definition(s): the environment (as a whole), the natural world

extinguido (m.)/extinguida (f.) or extinto (m.)/extinta (f.)


Definition(s): extinct

el bioma


Definition(s): biome

el rinoceronte


Definition(s): rhinoceros

el chimpancé


Definition(s): chimpanzee


«El medio ambiente está en peligro.»

«Hay muchos biomas en el mundo.»

«Chimpancés tienen muchas similaridades con humanos.»

«Rinocerontes son animales grandes que viven en África.»

«La fauna está puesto en peligro.»

«El medio ambiente es hermoso.»

«Para más inri, muchos animales están extinguidos.»

That's it for now. I hope you learned some new vocabulary today! Please upvote if you liked this, and make sure to see tomorrow's installment. If you have any requests for the next installment, please comment below with your idea. Thanks for reading this; bye! ~

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May 4, 2015



¡Gracias! As per my post on yesterday's list, here's my attempt at using some of this vocabulary in sentences:

Hay mucha fauna en las montañas acerca de mi casa, pero muchos animales y muchas plantas aquí ponen en peligro porque gente están dañando el medio abiente. No tenemos rinocerontes o chipancés, pero hay muchos otros animales.


Neat list. Can't wait to see #3


I love this series! Keep them coming!


Thank you for doing this! Great idea for other Spanish learners like me to find new words in an organized fashion. You rock, M-taz!


Thanks, but I have to say I liked yesterday's lesson better. All the vocabulary was used in the example. Today it felt like random words on a subject, not a lesson.


I'm sorry, I was tired yesterday and didn't have time to do much. I recently added some more examples. Today's will be better.


Thanks! Request: organs of the body.


Heart- corazón (m)
Kidney- riñón (m)
Lung- pulmón (m)
Brain- cerebro (m)
Pancreas- páncreas (m)
Spleen- bazo (m)
Stomach-estómago (m)
Intestine- intestino (m)
Liver- hígado (m)
Gallbladder- vesícula biliar (f)
Bladder- vejiga (f)
Adrenal gland- glándula suprarrenal (f)
Appendix- apéndice (m)
Thymus- timo (m)
Ileum- íleon (m)
Jejunum- yeyuno (m)
Duodenum- duodeno (m)
Cecum- ciego (m)


Gracias, Doctor Elgatobanido.

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