"Ils ont tant besoin de matériel."

Translation:They need equipment so much.

December 23, 2012

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This is a very clumsy way of saying it, a native english speaker would never say so much


It does accept "They need so much equipment" now. 25jun2020.


"they have such need of material" was not accepted.


There is a typo in the solution - it says "they need no much" instead of "they need so much"


they have a lot of need for equipment?


Though admittedly awkward in English, is there a specific reason that "They have so much material need" is incorrect?

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I don't see anything awkward about the English - material need is a real thing, contrasted with, say, spiritual need, or material desire. However, I don't think it would be a correct translation of the French sentence given, where "matériel" is clearly a noun.

"Matériel" can also be an adjective, so it's possible the French version of your sentence would be ""Ils ont tant besoin matériel," although, looking at it, I tend to want to put a "de" between "tant" and "besoin". I am by no means fluent in French, though, and I don't even know if "besoin matériel" is a thing in French at all.

We will have to await correction/confirmation from one of our resident Francophones.


Very good answer. It would indeed be "Ils ont tant de besoin(s) matériel(s)", with a "de"


Thank you both very much! This helps!


Oh my GOD that was hard to figure out from just the audio.


"Ils ont tant besoin..." - implies they need so much; "... de tant de matériel" - implies so much material. So grammatically both are correct but the meaning is different. Am I correct? Please comment.


Why is "They need so much material" not a correct answer? How would you say this in French?


"Ils ont besoin de tant de matériel"


Made the same mistake. I think that 'tant' relates to the word immediately after it, i.e., 'besoin'. 'They need so much material' would then probably be 'Ils ont besoin de tant matériel' (or 'de beaucoup matériel')


My "They need so much material" was accepted. "They need material so much" is more literally correct, but in English it's a distinction without much difference.

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A perfectly good translation is, "They so need equipment" (not accepted).

Also, I notice DL says that "They need equipment" is acceptable, which ignores "tant" altogether. That doesn't seem right.


"They so need equipment," is grammatically ugly. It's something a Cali-surfer or skater says (in slang). "They need equipment," seems appropriate. "They need THE equipment so much," seems a little better as an English sentence, but "so much" is very awkward in this phrase. "They really need equipment," is a much better English sentence than anything else.


Is "they are in much need of material" wrong?? Last time the correct translation they gave was that one...=(


"They are in much need of equipment." is what I wrote, and lost a heart. It is perfectly acceptable English and is exactly how I would say what I believe the sentence conveys.


Je pense qu'est tres tres bien cette maniere d'apprendre autre langue. C'est tres tres bon.


Can someone explain the placement of "tang"?

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