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pasado mañana vs el año pasado

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Recently I realized that "pasado mañana" is in the future whereas "el año pasado" is in the past.

Are there other expressions of time which contain "pasado" ?

(MTA: Yes, I had guessed that pasado in the former instance is a participle, but do not know in what other time instances it may occur.)

3 years ago



It may occur when "pasado" means "after": Pasado mañana (the day after tomorrow); pasadas las dos de la tarde (after 2 P.M.), "La medicina vence pasados tres meses" (The medicine expires after three months)

3 years ago


Interesting! "Pasada" usually means "the previous whatever" and it's masculine with "el año." I didn't know about "pasado mañana."

According to this Spanishdict.com post, "pasados dos días" might also have the same future meaning you're looking for. But overall, I suspect "pasado mañana" is an exception for some linguistic reason.

3 years ago