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Playback with microphone not working.

I verified my microphone works, and is clear using vocaroo.com. But when I talk to duolingo it never understands me. I think that duolingo doesn't have permission to access my microphone. I had to give vocaroo permission to access my microphone for it to hear me. I looked in the options and I couldn't find anything to help. What should I do in this situation? When I click playback recording I don't hear anything. All other sounds work. I am doing the spanish lessons.

5 years ago


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You shouldn't be posting this in Spanish, you would have better luck posting this in the "Troubleshooting" discussion page.

5 years ago

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On the left of the screen you will see a "support" button. Click that and you can send an email to the Duolingo support team. They are very responsive.

5 years ago