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No Lingots for X day streak?

I'm on day 11 and I haven't received my Lingot for doing 10 days. Why?

May 4, 2015



At the bottom of the Lingot Store, there is a little chart telling you how to get lingots. Mysteriously, the entry saying that you get one for 10 day streaks (and 2 for 20 etc.) has dissapeared... Have one of my lingots as compensation :)

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I have had the same problem during the last couple of weeks. I got to 270 and 280 day streaks and did not get the lingots. I messaged DuoLingo and got a message that I was part of a test group and that was why. No explanation of how I was chosen or what the test group is testing...


It seems that DuoLingo is getting more and more miserly. It's not like Lingots cost the website anything.


Though a quick browse of the forum topics relating to Lingots it seems many people have more than they can use. Maybe DL is bringing back the value of Lingots (i.e. spend the wisely - they won't come cheap soon...)


I just complete 40 day streak, but I didn't receive my lingots bonus too :-(


I was wondering this also, I got 330 today and didn't get my lingots. Not that there's really anything to spend them on, but maybe in the future.


I was wondering about this. I thought maybe I'd broken things by only maintaining my streak by using a streak freeze. Was about to abandon my streak and start again. Glad I chanced upon this discussion.


Well I am glad I looked at this discussion! My lingots stopped at 130 day streak and I wrote them when I reached 140 and no lingots and again at 150. Seems they give you a complaint number, but never respond to the complaint (or is it a problem?) Anyway my streak will end soon because I will be travelling and access to wi-fi will be hit and miss. Also the only Duolingo I can get travelling is on an I-pad and it is not as friendly as the regular computer mode. I guess I could freeze my streak, but that will use up most of my lingots and there seem to be better uses for lingots than a long freeze.


for the last couple of months i have not been getting lingots for day streaks. The description about a lingot for each 10-day streak is still on the web page. What happened?

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