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"Ich lese dieses Stellenangebot!"

Translation:I am reading this job offer!

December 23, 2012



Because Angebot ist neuter - das Angebot!


Does Stellenangebot mean job advertisement, or job offer, or both? The former is what you'd see online or in a paper or magazine; the latter is a letter offering you a job, e.g. after you've been successful in an interview etc.


In another exercise, it is used to mean a job vacancy placed in a newspaper..very confusing.


I've been reporting this to get some clarification for a long time along with asking them to accept translations other than US usages. So far no luck.


Does anyone find the use of exclamation marks in some of these sentences strange? Why would this be an exclamation?


Stop bothering me! I'm reading this ad! Go away! The people these days...

Once can always think of a reason to shout


especially when it comes to Germans


Ya, good question


I find it hard to hear the trailing parts of for instance 'dieser', 'dieses'. Any tips on better training the ear to catch it? Or should it be automatic, considering the verb gender?


I think this is where grammar rules help you.

If you know the gender, you infer the declension and you don't need to hear special 's' or 'r'.

Sometimes it's the other way around, you hear the declension and you don't know the gender, so you learn the gender.


When I'm unsure about such things in Duolingo, I ask it to speak more slowly. (The button is under the speaker button.) That will give you one word at a time, usually more distinctly articulated. In real life, alas, such a solution may not be available.


Is it not the same as job announcement?


why dieses instead of diese?


Because the word takes the the ending of the definite article and Stellenangebot is neuter. If it had been a feminine noun, then it would be 'diese.'


Maybe my comment earlier can clear the relationship between the advertisement and the job opportunity. However the interview is what would come after, further on (= the next step). https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4321315


I read this "classified" is EXTREMELY awkward English. "I am reading the classifieds/classified section" would be far closer and better to an English speaker. This is in reference to the alternate translation of I read this classified--just terribly awkward.


I might use "classified" to refer to a single ad in the classifieds section, though I'd probably say "classified ad" instead. "Classifieds" or "classifed section" would refer to a collection of ads - not to a single job offer.

[Native US English speaker]


Thank you, I caught that distinction when I re-read it. In my message/comment to Duolingo I said pretty much what you did: That if this refers to one particular job offer, or ad, it would sound far less awkward were it written "I am reading this classified ad", It is just very awkward to hear "I read this classified". Thank you for your quick and spot-on help.


three questions ago "job offer" was marked wrong for "Stellenangebot" AAAHHH!


"help wanted ad" 'nough said!


'I am reading this offer' should be accepted surely?


not accepted, but job offering is a go

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