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Rosetta Stone eat your heart out!

Congratulations on reaching 10 million users. Such a better method than the antiquated Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur. And free too! Keep it up!

September 19, 2013



Pimsleur actually compliments Duolingo very well since its focus is on speaking.


Yes! I agree, for I do Pimsleur too, and it is a very good combo with DL.


I agree. I really think that if you went 3 - 4 months on Pimsleur and your new language here on Duolingo you would be doing very, very well! I'm thinking about trying it with Italian once I hit level 25 on Portuguese and Spanish. ;-)


That is also what I plan to do. Believe me, I tried Pimsleur and thought I was being thrown back into the Dark Ages of language learning. After a week I had been repeating a hundred times the same stupid sentence about Good-morning-señor-can-you-tell-me-where-is-the-Bolivar-restaurant... I thought I would die of boredom.


Haha! I totally agree. I cannot STAND some of the sentences that they drill you on over and over again. Also, they explain NOTHING. So before DL I was confused why it was "mit einem Mann" instead of "mit ein Mann".


I agree, DL is very strong in regards to grammar, spelling, etc. But it's less than meaningful speaking lessons made me realize an appreciation of Pimsleur's single minded focus on pronunciation (when used with DL).


I've learnt more in a couple of months with DL than 5 years at school. Congrats to the DL team!


You are out 'a luck, RS. You're pretty lame compared to DL.



I'm sorry but your equation just isn't correct. You can't just say "RS ≠ DL", that doesn't show it's complete and utter dominance.



You're so right! Before I was just showing that they were not equal, but we need some DOMINATION!!! Yours shows that it is greater, but how much greater? Haha... what about this:

DL = RS x 1,000,000


DL > RS x 1,000,000


DL = RS x 10^10^100(a number know as googleplex, a number that has so many zeros it can't be imagined.)


Hahaha!!! Wow... I didn't expect this to be a train of comments!


Actually, it is spelt "googolplex". The googleplex is Google's HQ.


Yes, like googolology is the study of extremely large and numbers, while googleology is the study of Google.(Both have their own wikis!)


One hundred zeros. Which is more than the number of atoms you can fit into the whole universe. :)


la donna mangia la mela


I'm 10 years old and im learning my 3rd language thanks to Duolingo :)


I must say that is pretty impressive. Would you consider a career as a diplomat or translator?


Thank you :). I wanna be an architect when i grow up but i would love to travel the world. I've been to Paris, Iran, Germany and some states in America.


I like Rosetta Stone too... am I the only one?


No. I do one-two duolingo and one Rosetta Stone lesson a day. I also do Spanish flashcards using Mental Case.


I agree with you all. Praising a method above the others does not mean the others are bad. As adult learners we try to duplicate the immersion situation of children learning their first language. So good luck to all of us for trying to master another, often many, other languages!


my thoughts exactly! I've learned more french on duo in 4 weeks than i did with 4 years of Rosetta Stone!


I have been using Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur together for 6 six years for Chinese and Spanish. I found DL last week and i saw that it is very similar with RS. So, ı suggest work on computer RS, on mobile DL and while on road Pimsleur. You will master any language which you want in a short time like 6 months with daily 2 hrs working.


This is one smart app.well done.


agreed but rosetta does have pronunciation lessons where they break down the words and analyze your voice. but really this is much better.


Now the only question is when will DL branch out of European languages XD


Let's see some more obscure languages! I'd love to learn !Xung, but since that's only spoken by a few hundred people I doubt it'll happen... Also their system would have trouble speaking and teaching the tongue clicks. But seriously, it would be cool to learn some Asian languages. Maybe not Japanese or Chinese, since I can't type those, but one of those languages with the sentance structure opposite of English would be very interesting.


Technically, the only European languages here are French, German and Italian.


I assume you are referring to the fact the English here is "American English" and the Portuguese is "Brazilian Portuguese". This is true; however, I think the original poster was referring to Indo-European languages informally. If that is the case all the languages on Duolingo are in fact Indo-European languages.


This is correct. I would like to see some Arabic or Chinese or Russian, but the vastly different Alphabets are probably the greatest obstacles for those at this point.


Duolingo is great, but other programs can also be useful. One can learn a language by using more than just a single tool. While I think Duolingo has most of the competition beat (it is free and very good), using other tools to assist in the language learning process might be smart. I personally use a combination of Rocket Spanish (bought it a long time back), Duolingo, and SpanishDict (free as well). I find all three useful.


I also use many books, the Destinos episodes, TV, radio and movies, anything I can get my hands on, including Children's books... Maybe one day I will be able to read Vargas Llosa, or Borges in the original. That is my aim anyway.

[deactivated user]

    I'm a bit sad that my German teacher is requiring us to all get a copy of Rosetta Stone. Regardless - I'll continue with Duolingo loyally!


    Really? That's a requirement? Sounds a little elitist to me.


    With the incubator, Duolingo will have more languages than RS, and will completely rule! And RS will crumble and fade away until it is a relic of the past.

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