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  5. "What is the opposite?"

"What is the opposite?"

Translation:Hvad er det modsatte?

May 4, 2015



Would it be correct to say "den" instead of "det"? "Hvad er den modsatte?" (was marked as wrong)


No. Here, modsatte is an adjectival noun. This means its an adjective being used as a noun. So the front article form of the definite must be used (den/det/de), rather than the end article form (en/et). Modsat/modsatte are the common/neuter genders, as can be found in a dictionary (e.g. ordbog.dk). You'll note there is no modsatten/modsattet that might correspond to an end article. Nouns formed from other word classes (e.g. adjectives, pronouns, interjections) are almost always neuter, So the choice of den/det for common/neuter should match. Thus: det modsatte.


Is modsat the same than modsatte? Why not: Hvad er det modsat?

[deactivated user]

    Here, it is an adjective acting as a noun. Therefore, it must still be inflected like an adjective.

    It's the same as:

    • A tall man = En høj mand

    • The tall man = Den høje mand

    • The tall (one) = Den høje


    Hi! So, does it mean that, depending on the context, there are times when you have to say "den modsatte" instead of "det modsatte"? Thanks for helping!


    Hvad er det modsatte af "thirsty" på dansk?

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