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Android app login not working

I cannot login to Android app usging my Email, Facebook or Google account. Using THL T200 smartphone with Android 4.2.2 Tried to reinstall app - the same issue

May 4, 2015



I'm not an Android aficionado, but I have some follow-up questions anyway:

  1. What error do you get? If you don't get an error, what behavior do you see?

  2. When was the last time this worked?

  3. Open up a different browser and log in to Duo (do this in a new browser so you don't get locked out of the login you're using now). What happens?

  4. You mention three ways of logging in. What is your default method?

  5. How is your phone connecting to the internet? Can you verify that you're connected normally for other apps? (e.g., your email, your Facebook, your Google account.)

  1. No isues, just login timeout
  2. Never worked
  3. I'm not using a browser, I'm using andoid app
  4. Google login, Facebook login, Email login
  5. Wi-Fi/EDGE, it's doesn't matter, I've tried different places - same issue
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