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"La próxima vez voy a llamar a la policía."

Translation:Next time I am going to call the police.

December 23, 2012



I'm not so sure about this personal "a". It was explained to me by a native Spanish speaker that "voy a llamar a la policía" means I'm going to call one particular policeman. If one were going to call the police (in general) it would be "voy a llamar la policía".


No, sorry, we always say "llamar a alguien" (to call someone). "Llamar alguien" doesn't make any sense.


Doing my own research, it seems like this has to do with llamar having two meanings. If you say, "voy a llamar la policía," someone might then ask, "¿cómo se llama la policía?" But if you say, "voy a llamar a la policía," then they will know you are using it as a transitive verb rather than the intransitive verb.


No. In spanish "Voy a llamar a la policia" is in plural. It meens the police in General. "Voy a llamar la policia" is a wrong text. In spanish we use "a" but in english don't exist soo.... Its normal. Spanish have a lot of verbs that english don't have


Note to self: the next time you get writers block, complete a duolingo lesson and record the sentences. Than write a story using all of the sentences. Or choose a random one like this and use it as a writing prompt. These could be really good.


My answer is "I will call" and your given answer "I am going to call" are both correct


why not phone the police?


I agree - "call the police"="phone the police". I mean, you`re not likely to literally call for the police as in shout, hoping the police are within hearing distance?? In this context "to call"= "to phone"


I think the difference is regional. Where I live I have never heard anyone talk about "phoning" anyone, only "calling" them ("on the phone" being implied).


Ring the police should be an option too... How I would say it


'Next time I shall call the police' was marked wrong.


Same here. Perhaps our English is too distinguished ;-)


I believe that another correct translation is: "Next time I am calling the police."


"Voy a llamar" is in present tense ( I am going to) not the future (I will) IIamare la policia.

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