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  5. "Amerika büyük bir ülkedir."

"Amerika büyük bir ülkedir."

Translation:America is a large country.

May 4, 2015



There is no such country at all


In English there is and apparently in Turkish too. In English, if you say America or American without any qualifiers, it means the country known as (the United States of) America. In Spanish, the word América refers to North America and South America collectively. The English speaking world regards those as two continents. To refer to both together, we say "the Americas".


But is it a mistake to say United States? I lost one life which matters


Isn't there a way to refer to the United States without using simply "Amerika"?

Is there a different term for the continent? (considering that in Brazil we use the six continent model, instead of the 7 continents one, which regards North and South Americas as different continents).

Lastly... Since I saw Güney Amerika and probably the other is "Küzey Amerika ", how could I say "Central America"?


you can use "Amerika Birleşik Devletleri (ABD)" but we rarely use it. Central America is orta Amerika


teşekkürler =]


America is a big country. PAY ATTENTION, because America, indeed, is a CONTINENT.


Not when you're speaking English. :-)

To my knowledge, all English-speaking nations use the 7-continent model: they do not regard "the Americas" as one continent, and they never refer to one of them without the qualifier "North" or "South", (or even "Central"- a sub-division)...or in the plural: "Americas".

In English and many other languages (including Turkish), "America" on its own is used exclusively to refer to "the USA"-- a country. (And just for the record, I'm saying this as a Canadian).

You can also think of phrases such as "American football", which definitely refers to the USA, and NOT South America (where "football'" is what Americans call "soccer"), or the "American Dollar" which is a national currency (not continental like the Euro).

I understand that the rules of translation would be different if this were a course for Spanish or Portuguese speakers, (and perhaps others- German, Dutch, and Russian, I believe) but in a "Turkish for English speakers" course, America is a country. :-)

If you have 14 minutes to spare this video will explain the disagreement happening in this discussion thread :-)


I don't know why you were downvoted, you're 100% right.


for historic reparation we should refer to the USA as United States of America, not just America. If people like to talk about inclusion and being self aware of their privilages this should also be applied to the usa people, they should also recognize how much they treat themselves as the center of the universe. It's normal to feel resistance to change, the whole world should bother themselves to new way of things but usa citizens can't? They do everything to benefit themselves, calling only themselves americans is one of those things.


can we omit '-dir'?


You could but I think it's necessary in this sentence as it's stating a fact.


İ don't think dropping 'the' in 'The USA' should be regarded as wrong.


It is though :) "USA is a big country" is incorrect in English.


True, it is technically incorrect, but it's more like a typo than a gross grammatical mistake. In my view, it is one's knowledge of Turkish that is tested here, not English. The above sentence without 'the' is perfectly understandable and it indicates perfect understanding of the Turkish sentence.


The makers of the course have to add each possible answer. If we start allowing for careless omissions of words, their job gets a lot harder.

Also, there are people doing this course to learn English. That's not its purpose, granted, and there is or will be a Turkish to English course at some point, but a lot of the sentences are shared ... and, I don't work for Duolingo, but I imagine the easiest way to do that is to have them linked in a database, so making sure that only correct English is accepted in this course would make it easier on the other end for the Turkish to English course.


Why "ülkedir" and not just "ülke" ? I still don't understand the difference.


America is a continent, not a country. Please adjust this sentence.


I'm sorry but Duolingo is not going to change this sentence. America/Amerika in some languages means the country USA, not the continent. Turkish is one of those languages.


I completely understand where you're coming from, and in several places on Earth, they would agree with you. But most English (and Turkish) speaking countries use the 7-continent model. In the courses I have taken, Duo seems to always use this principle... even in Spanish! This is a huge problem because Latin America (Spanish-speaking majority) acknowledges only 6-continents.

So it's a huge debate, naturally, and I can completely understand the frustration of people who living in places that use the 6-continent model. But Duo (and frankly, the English speaking world) are unlikely to change their mind on this.

To be clear: I'm not saying you're wrong... Both views are equally correct, no matter what people argue. (Sorry if that offends anyone, but we can all be right even though we disagree! Continents are man-made divisions: we could have made ) I'm just saying that Duo will not adjust this because it is based in the United States- which uses a 7 continent model, including North America and South America, and where "America" is a country.

Definitely not fair to people elsewhere, but I'm sure we can all agree that this isn't the only way that the English-speaking majority has been making executive decisions for planet Earth, whether it's fair or not.

However, I do appreciate when people bring this up (politely, as you have done!)... To be honest, I'm from an English-speaking country, and I had no idea there was a 6-continent model until I read about it in a Duo discussion. So thank you for teaching us something that English-speaking school systems might not. :-)


Is there a difference between a big and a large country in terms of meaning?


'Large country' can state only size. But a 'big country' can mean something else. Correct me if i am wrong.


Yes, you are right but the word "büyük" is translated as "large" in the sentence above. Why?


For the most part, "big" and "large" are the same and both are accepted here. "big" can sometimes mean "important" but not normally. :)


So, can 'big' mean 'important' or 'powerful' here?


Yes, but most people wouldn't think that (just like they wouldn't think that in English). Alexander the Great is "Büyük İskender."


We have a big problem here!! AMERICA IS A CONTINENT! NOT A COUNTRY! the country's name is United States of America... people should learn this!!


See my comments above. The English word America refers to a country.


There isn't a continent named America


why doesn't huge work


Huge means "very big". In Turkish, there are words like kocaman with this meaning.


what is the difference between ülke and memleket


Ülke would be country whereas memleket would be homeland. Homeland doesn't necessarily indicate a country. It can also be a city, or maybe even a county. But people usually use the word for cities since they are from the same country.


Large and big are the same


As a native English speaker, I emphatically deny AlexınNotTurkey's statement that 'USA is a big country" is incorrect in English'. America is a big country is judged incorrect - this should be changed!


I put "America's a big country" and got it wrong... because I used " 's"?


Why do you not accept "America is a big country" big should be accepted too.


America is NOT a country. It is a Continent. Please Duo fix it!


Sorry, the Englishword "America" chiefly refers to a country. (Apparently so does the Turkish word "Amerika".) When speaking English, there are two continents with the word America in their name: North America and South America. To refer to both of these continents together, we say "the Americas". If you're speaking English, it's considered incorrect to refer to North America and South America (collectively "the Americas") as one continent.

I don't know what your native language is, but this is how Spanish translates into English.

América = the Americas

los Estados Unidos = America / The United States of America / the USA / the US / the States

estadounidense = American

americano/americana = (someone) from somewhere in the Americas (although we are usually specific and say "North American", "South American" or state exactly which country we mean


Why did people dislike my comment? America is a continent not a country but ok, let's say we cannot change the fact that they call themselves ' American 'as a country since centuries ago =) just details if Duo wants to improve ...I will not delete my comment . Oh and my native language is Spanish (you asked ). You're welcome =)


No one asked you to delete your comment.. And I think you ARE improving Duolingo by drawing attention to the fact that not every country divides the world in the same way. :-)

If you have 14 minutes, this video will explain why there is such a big disagreement here. I'm not saying that you're wrong (in Spanish, America IS a continent) but in English, America is a country.

[deactivated user]

    "America is a large country" was marked wrong as an answer. Someone was distracted while programing the answers to these questions? On the other hand, Americans refer to the USA as America, regardless of other people liking it or not. And the corresponding adjective to denominate our nationality is American. Period. This is a language learning site, not a site to discuss international politics or political correctness. Please abide by the usage of the language, not by political arguments.

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