"Nazım Hikmet meşhur bir Türk şairdir."

Translation:Nazım Hikmet is a famous Turkish poet.

May 4, 2015

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What is the adjective order for Turkish? Up until this point, we've mostly had single adjectives with a noun. In the past, whenever we had an indefinite noun with an adjective, we'd write '[adjective] bir [noun]', but here, 'Türk' seems to be acting like an adjective on 'şair' and yet it is after 'bir'.


You write adjective before "bir" when you mentioning his/her attribute. For example "güçlü bir erkek" means "a strong man". You can't really use "Türk" as adjective. I might not be 100% correct, I'm not expert. I'm türk and just trying to help as best I can.


yes, I think you are right. Türk şaiir is a noun-noun compound.


My answer was marked wrong only because instead of "Nazım" I wrote "Nazim" in English translation. There is no "ı" in English, my answer should be accepted.


we'll edit it but please in the future just use the report function for these instead of writing them here


Oh, I did, I just wanted to see if there is an explanation for this which I didn't think of.

Looks like no )))


I think Nazım Hikmet should be only a nickname, because for a poet this is the most appropriate name. It means in Arabic some thing like "the wisdom writer"


Nope. His real name is "Nazım Hikmet Ran. "


Is there any difference between "ünlü" and "meşhur"?


They are same. But I believe meşhur has Arabic origin.


Meşhur is from Arabic origin, ünlü is from Turkic origin. Both mean the same.


Was? Is dead.


:) What should I read from him?


You can listen "Karlı kayın ormanı" from Zülfü Linaveli. It's Nazım's poem. It is about his exile.


"Nazım Hikmet meşhur bir Türk şairdir." Translation: Nazim Hikmet is a famous Turkish poet.

Is the speaker on something? She shouted this in Turkish, in like one second?

Please can I have some? - whatever she's on. I do understand that listening to a spoken language helps to "bring you up to speed" as my friend said about his wife's spoken French.


I wrote' a turk poet 'instead of turkish poet' and was mark wrong.. I dont think describing as a turk is wrong.


Evidently it is wrong. Did you use "famous" in your English answer?

Türk - Turk & Turkish with a capital "T."


In my dictionary 'meshur' is given as 'renowned' rather than 'famous' is this correct?




"Nazım Hikmet meşhur bir Türk şairdir." Translation: Nazim Hikmet is a famous Turkish poet.

In my dictionary 'meshur' is given as 'renowned' rather than 'famous' is this correct?

Meşhur - famous - (adjective)

Renowned - ünlü - (adjective)

"Nazım Hikmet ünlü bir Türk şairdir." - Nazim Hikmet is a renowned Turkish poet.

I prefer your description.

A synonym for "famous" is "renowned" & both words are adjectives. Used in the same position as Duo's English answer. Both English answers are correct if using the correct Turkish/English adjective.

Thank you


En güzel deniz. The most beautiful sea b by Thanos Mikroutsikos. Nazim Hikmet is famous in Greece too. https://youtu.be/afPJWRr_hEM


His most famous poem internationally must surely be "Kız çocuğu", which was translated and then recorded by Pete Seeger, The Byrds, The Misunderstood, and others.

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