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"I am taking the books from home."

Translation:Evden kitapları alıyorum.

May 4, 2015



Would kitaplari evden aliyorum also be acceptable?


Yes, however that has emphasis on the fact that you're taking them from home.


So, if you had a choice of books or CDs, and you chose books, you would say, 'evden kitaplari...'. But if you had a choice of taking books from home are school, you would say 'katiplari evden....' is that right? So the second noun is the one that the focus/emphasis is on?


Yes, you got it! :)

You could also think of it like this.

"What are you taking from home?" The answer in Turkish would emphasise the object, so it'd be "evden kitapları alıyorum".

"Where are you taking the books from?" The answer in Turkish would emphasise the location, so it'd be "kitapları evden alıyorum".


Evimden should be accepted, surely 'home' is a house you possess.

[deactivated user]

    Don't invent grammar rules in your target language. That's only going to hinder your learning.


    I think so too Simon otherwise the sentence could read I am taking the books from the house


    I also used "Evimden" and got marked wrong, I would like to know if I am right or if Duo is right and I am wrong.

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    home and house seem to be interchangeable as translation for 'ev', right?


    Yep, they are the same in Turkish :)


    what does the "ı" in "kitapları" refer to? and is the sentence incorrect without it?

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    It is the accusative. Without it, the sentence would mean "I am taking books from home." (without 'THE'). Unless I'm mistaken.


    So, 'alıyorum' not only means 'I am buying' but also 'I am taking', doesn't it?


    since "kitaplar" never seems to be used, I didn't use it here either.


    How do you know when to use den or dan?

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