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  5. "Pure noi siamo vittime."

"Pure noi siamo vittime."

Translation:We are also victims.

September 19, 2013



Also we are victims should be accepted.


maybe? "also we are victims" does not mean quite the same thing as "we are also victims" in english?


But it is out of context, so it shouldn't matter, as long as they both can be translated to "pure noi siamo vittime." As to whether they both can be that in Italian, I don't know, so I'd like someone to tell me.


This does not mean the same thing as the Italian. "Pure" here goes with "noi" ("we also") meaning that we, in addition to other people, are victims. "Also we are victims" means that we are victims in addition to being other things or that this follows other information.


I am not 100% sure on this as again without context it is difficult to determine whether the two expressions are equivalent or not so for example is there a difference in meaning between: "We are also victims of discrimination," said X "Also we are victims of discrimination," said Y X and Y could in some contexts be saying the same thing but in the majority of cases I'd suggest that y is saying, In addition to everything else we are victims of discrimination. Whereas,x in general is saying we are victims of discrimination compared to other groups. However, how would this distinction be made in Italian?


Just like in English, the position of "anche" or "pure" changes the meaning of the sentence. Typically these words come before the thing being compared. Consider:

Pure a noi piace la pizza. / La pizza piace pure a noi.

Here the thing being compared is "a noi": we, in addition to other people, like pizza.

A noi piace pure la pizza.

Here the thing being compared is "la pizza": we like pizza, in addition to other foods.

So in the sentence above, since we have "pure noi," it means "we, in addition to other people." We could change the order around and say "Noi siamo pure vittime" (comparing "vittime" instead of "noi") and say that we are victims, in addition to being other things.


I think it does!


You are wrong. We are victims asserts our victimhood. We are victims also indicates that we are victims in the same manner as others already mentioned. Putting the also at the front gives it more of an 'next in the line of things to talk about' rather than comparing to other victims.


If it is different then how do you write: also we are victims?


I put 'we also are victims', but it was not accepted.


If you want to put it in that position I'd be more inclined to have it as We, too, are victims. It did like We are victims also.


It is now accepted.


I believe the politically correct terminology at present is "survivor"


"we too are victims" was not accepted, nonsense!


It accepted my 'Even we are victims" why not wasn't it anche though?


What puzzles me is that "pure" can be translated as "also" and "even", which to my understanding are two rather different meanings.


Ah, i can finally express self-pity in italian.


I found vittime very difficult to hear.


Everyone is a victim nowadays


Even us are victims

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