"Eğlenmeye karar verince bara gittik."

Translation:When we decided to have fun, we went to a bar.

May 4, 2015

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How would be a sentence "When YOU/SHE decided to have fun, we went to a bar." translated in Turkish?


same but normally you would use sen or o in the beginning of the sentence, otherwise as the verb "gittik" is conjugated for "we", everyone would assume the first part refers to "we" as well.

"O eğlenmeye karar verince bara gittik." / " Sen eğlenmeye karar verince bara gittik."


Thank you, guys, so much for your answers!


For you: (sen) eğlenmeye karar verince, (biz) bara gittik.

For he/she/it: (o) eğlenmeye karar verince, (biz) bara gittik.

They're the same unless you include the personal pronouns.


I think that first part is something like 'when one decides to have fun' or 'when (once) a decision is made to have fun', so far there is no pronoun we don't know who, it only seems to take a pronoun when it is completed by a second sentence.


"Eğlenmeye karar verince bara gittik." Translation: When we decided to have fun, we went to a bar.


When we decided to have fun, we went to the bar.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


How would you say: After we decided to have fun, we went to a bar?


Eğlenmeye karar verdikten sonra bir bara gittik.


karar vermek - literaly to take a decision

It's interesting how this expression works in both languages, even though they're so distant.


Suggestions are not very good!


Sorry, but instead of commenting that the suggestions are not very good you could suggest something better.


I wrote "have a good time" instead of "have fun" and it was wrong. They are equivalent in a sentence like this, değil mi?


Ich komme zu keiner Entscheidung

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