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  5. "Non fare la vittima!"

"Non fare la vittima!"

Translation:Don't play the victim!

September 19, 2013



Surely 'Don't act the victim' is equivalent to 'Don't play the victim'!!


Reported, Sept. 7th 2014


Still not accepted today (8 March 2021). Have reported it again, but am not hopeful. It's been seven years since curiousminds reported it. Clearly, DL doesn't read our reports.


Agree, or perhaps: 'Don't act like (you are) the victim;' or 'Don't pretend to be the victim.'


This is as idiomatic in English as in Italian, I think. In Italian, there are many phrases that use fare that don't specifically mean "to do" or "to make". http://italian.about.com/od/verbs/a/italian-verb-fare-proverbs-sayings.htm

And in this case, "play" doesn't necessarily have anything to do with games.


They could have at least had the word play in the drop down..


Why not 'don't be the victim'?


"Don't be the victim" could be a warning to be careful. "Don't play the victim" tells someone to stop acting like or pretending to be a victim.


Actually they give this as one of the acceptable answers.


"don't be the victim" is accepted.


because of "fare"?


seems like a fair translation to English to me - I'd report it.


Io non capisco how "fare" , which means to do or make traduce into "play".


When I wrote down "do not play the victim" as a translation, it wouldn't accept it, but it shows it here as if that was the correct translation...


it was accepted today


Either you must have made a typo or something that you did not notice, or it was a temporary glitch.


I translated this phrase as "don't make yourself the victim". While I could see that "yourself" isn't actually written in the sentence, I took it to be implied by "fare". Was I so far off the mark.


I would interpret that more as telling you to make sure you did not actually become the victim. However if you put "don't make yourself out to be the victim" that would be correct in my opinion (although Duolingo might not accept it)


'Act as' is given as a translation of 'fare', and then not accepted as an answer.


Would "giocare" fit in such a situation?


Then "Non giocare a fare la vittima" is the correct phrasing; you still have to add "a fare". I'm an Italian native speaker for the record.


My solution was 'don't act the victim' which is pretty close to the above translation. But but I was given 'Don't be the victim', which is rather different.


Dont act the victim is a normal way of expressing this in English. Just yet another example of DL needing to brush up on their English.


Will somebody please tell this native English speaker what "don't play the victim" means? It appears to suggest that there are people around who enjoy being victims . . . um?


You are very lucky or have had a very sheltered life Harold if you have never come across this. It is quite common these days, possibly ever more common. Basically someone plays the victim when they aren't a victim at all in order to turn the tables/become the aggressor. Lots of examples but not an good idea to raise them here or the thread will get very heavy and the mods may have to intervene. I'd google it - you will find countless examples. Might be an idea to che k out passive aggressive at the same time.


Thank you for your thoughts. People who do this are pathetic, and it is a travesty of a very serious word to call them "victims". I do indeed know what it is like to be a victim, of bullying which ruined my life and my career, and nobody, but nobody, would play at being the victim that I was.


Sorry to hear about that Harold. Travesty it may well be but life teaches you that a fair few folk in life will adopt any role going, particularly ones politically popular/in the ascendant at any particular time. Human nature unfortuntately. There are also particular Italian examples but I can't go into those here. All the best, Happy Christmas.


I tend to agree. Normally as a British native speaker I would say "Don't pretend to be the victim". I think an American is more likely to use the "play" variant.


"play the victim" would also be used in Australia


We use the expression "to play the victim" in Ireland too. I thought it was widely extended.


In the US, we could certainly say either. "Play" is in the sense of "play the role of/act like" here and could be applied to more examples than just "victim.".


E non fare il responsabile nemmeno...


Don't play victim (without the definite article) got rejected by DL. I am not a native speaker, so I googled it and got more than a quarter million results. True, they are only 30% of the results of a search including the article, but they are not negligible IMHO.

I would appreciate it if an English speaker could tell me if the sentence is correct or not.


"Don't play victim" doesn't sound right to my native speaker ears. If I saw this sentence while editing, I would push hard to include "the".


It could be used like that in a headline (which often deletes articles), but it's not normal English.


Haha remind me of "vistima" meme

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