"It is half past two."

Translation:Tá sé leathuair tar éis a dó.

5/4/2015, 9:47:23 AM


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In the one where you pick from three choices, one choice is "Tá sé leathuair i ndiaidh a dó." I picked both that and the other choice, "Tá sé leathuair tar éis a dó." Isn't the first one also correct?

teanglann.ie has for "A quarter past four," "ceathrú i ndiaidh/ tar éis, a ceathair.

I've looked at this time and again and think I'm missing something. I'll probably figure it out as soon as I post this comment. :-)

9/17/2015, 11:50:30 AM


Any idea why "leath tar éis..." is not acceptable when "leath i ndiaidh..." is?

It only accepts "leathuair tar éis..."

Is this an actual grammatical error on my part, or just a common usage issue?

5/14/2017, 6:47:58 PM


ta se luath i ndiaidh a do is what i put but it said it was wrong. what am i missing

5/4/2015, 9:47:23 AM


luath is 'early', not 'half'

5/4/2015, 11:32:14 AM


thank you. i swear i wrote an e there

5/4/2015, 11:57:16 AM

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So leath+uair is half+hour, so above leath should be accepted. "It is a half hour past two" is the same as "It is half past two", one is just the contracted form of the other? And "i ndiaidh" and "tar éis" i think are synonymous? So they should be interchangeable? So that means acceptable answers should be; 1. Tá sé leathuair tar éis a dó. 2. Tá sé leathuair i ndiaidh a dó. 3. Tá sé leath tar éis a dó. 4. Tá sé leath in diaidh a dó.

I think 3 is what i learned in school.

4/2/2018, 2:51:06 PM

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Why leathair and not leath here?

9/23/2018, 9:15:45 AM

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The examples of "half past" in the NEID are quite consistent:
leath i ndiaidh or
leathuair tar éis

9/23/2018, 3:02:05 PM


I don't doubt you at all, but I'm almost certain there was another similar exercise where they accepted "leath tar éis," for the same meaning, so it looks like Duo isn't consistent...

11/12/2018, 7:45:44 PM
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