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"Kütüphanede araştırma yapıyorum."

Translation:I am doing research at the library.

May 4, 2015



What is wrong with the translation "I am making a research at the library"?


you do not "make a research" in English, you do it


"i am doing a research at the library" was marked wrong because of the "a". Is that because I am not talking about a specific research, but a... general one?


Research is an uncountable noun in English. You can't have "a research" and you can't have "researches."


The English doesn't sound correct to me.


Why is "I am at the library doing research" marked wrong? In English these would be equivalent.


I understood that "a research" is not possible. As I knew that "a" cannot be used with uncountable things and I didn't know that it is correct to say "do research", I tried "I am doing the research at the library", but I don't understand why that was not marked wrong, because in this case I would have had to use the accusative on araştırma and I didn't. So pls. let me know why it is correct in this sentence to use a direct object without putting any case suffix.

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