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"Kütüphanede araştırma yapıyorum."

Translation:I am doing research at the library.

May 4, 2015



What is wrong with the translation "I am making a research at the library"?


you do not "make a research" in English, you do it


"i am doing a research at the library" was marked wrong because of the "a". Is that because I am not talking about a specific research, but a... general one?


Research is an uncountable noun in English. You can't have "a research" and you can't have "researches."


The English doesn't sound correct to me.


I understood that "a research" is not possible. As I knew that "a" cannot be used with uncountable things and I didn't know that it is correct to say "do research", I tried "I am doing the research at the library", but I don't understand why that was not marked wrong, because in this case I would have had to use the accusative on araştırma and I didn't. So pls. let me know why it is correct in this sentence to use a direct object without putting any case suffix.

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