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App and wordlist not syncing

in the last few days I have regilded the bottom of my French tree, partly in the app and partly on the website. However quite a lot of the vocabulary that has been practised is not showing as refreshed - eg 'scientifique', which came up at least three times this morning, and which I definitely got right, is showing as one bar and not practised today. As far as I can see it is the words practised in the app that are not updating, while those practised on the website are. This seems odd?

May 4, 2015

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Further info: I just did a full 'strengthen skill' exercise in the iOS app for the final skill in the German tree, with no errors. Yet only five words are shown as having been strengthened today, two of them different forms of the same verb. Everything else in the 17 items is ignored, including all the vocabulary in the pairing items. This cannot be right?

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