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Duolingo no longer shows you how many points you have untill the next level after every lesson?

Ever since I set a daily goal - which I can't turn off by the way - I am no longer shown on a little gold bar how many points I've earned, and how many I have left to get until I reach the next level. I really liked this feature - it was something I could really work for, but I can't find a way to get it back. Can anyone help me?

May 4, 2015



Go to your profile page and it should show you.


Thanks Dr.Bimic, but my profile page only shows me what level I'm at, and not how much further I have until the next level. Duolingo used to tell me hom many XP's I needed to level up, say, two or three hundred, but now I have no idea how many XP's I need to level up anymore. I liked to know, so I could set myself goals based over a structured time period.


If you use google chrome, you can install an extension from the store that returns the level bar to you.


Thank you, I'll give this a shot :)

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