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  5. "Milk is white."

"Milk is white."

Translation:Mælk er hvidt.

May 4, 2015



if mælk is an -en word why is it mælk er hvidt and not mælk er hvid? On wiktionary it says mælk c (singular definite mælken, not used in plural form)...

[deactivated user]

    Nouns used in a general, abstract or collective sense normally require the neuter form of the adjective. Here, we are talking about milk in a general sense. Other examples of common gender nouns with neuter adjective:

    • Fisk er billigt.

    • Rugbrød er brunt.

    • Cola er usundt.


    So if I understand it correctly when there is neither a indeterminative nor a determinative article (i.e. suffix) and the noun is in the singular and so has a general meaning, then the predicative adjectives will always be neuter ?


    Thank you for trying to clarify that for us!


    Just when I thought I understood this!


    I thought that Brød was neuter anyway. If so, why include it with common gender nouns? Or did I lose something in translation, as it were?

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